Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jane Roe Speaks to America

“I’m Norma McCorvey, the former Jane Roe of the Roe vs. Wade decision that brought ‘legal’ child killing to America. I was persuaded by feminist attorneys to lie; to say that I was raped, and needed an abortion. It was all a lie. Since then, over 50 million babies have been murdered. I will take this burden to my grave. Please, don’t follow in my mistakes. DO NOT vote for Barack Obama. He murders babies.”

“Most of you won’t recognize me or my real name. It’s Norma McCorvey. I am also known as Jane Roe, the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion in America, and changed our nation in an unprecedented way. Back in 1973, I was a very confused 21-year old, with one child, and facing an unplanned pregnancy. At the time, I fought to obtain a legal abortion but, the truth be told, I have three daughters and have never had an abortion. However, upon knowing God, I realized that my case, which legalized abortion on-demand, was the biggest mistake of my life. You see, abortion has eliminated 50 million innocent babies in the U.S. alone since 1973. Abortion scars an untold number of post-abortive mothers, fathers, and families too. You read about me in history books, but now I am dedicated to spreading the truth about preserving the dignity of all human life, from natural conception to natural death.”