Saturday, January 7, 2012

Five Parallel Mysteries of the Rosary

I have found some remarkable parallels between the Joyful Mysteries and Glorious Mysteries in the Rosary. Maybe I can deepen these insight in the future, but, for the time being, here is what skims the surface:

    Annunciation:An angel announces to blessed Mary the Good News.
    Resurrection:An angel announces to Mary Magdalene the Good News.
    Visitation:Jesus, through Mary, blesses His predecessor.
    Ascension:Jesus blesses His successors.
    Nativity:The Head of the Church is born into the world.
    Pentecost:The Body of the Church is born into the world.
    Presentation:Mary presents Jesus in the earthly Temple.
    Assumption:Jesus presents Mary in the heavenly Temple.
    Temple Finding:Wisdom is seated in the earthly Temple.
    Coronation:Wisdom is seated in the heavenly Temple.