Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Refactoring Elton John: Simon

Caravaggio's depiction of Peter
being crucified upside down.
For my final blog post of 2011, I conclude with another Christocentric rewrite of an Elton John song. My lyrics tell the life and death of Simon Peter, which is meant to be sung to the tune of Levon. Transforming Levon to Simon is quite fitting, actually, since the theme of transformation is closely linked to his character. After all, Jesus transformed Simon the fisher into Peter the fisher of men (Matt 4:18-19).

Dedicated to my loving wife.
Simon swears this Man he wasn't 'round
He denies his friend Jesus
'Cause he was afraid
And he weeps at the cock crowing thrice through town.

Simon, Simon of Galilee
He nets a catch they say
Spends his days fishing
With Andrew by the waterway.

He was called a rock by Christ at Caesarea Philippi
Told the gates of hell would not prevail
And the Church begun
Son of Jonah is Peter today.

And he shall be Simon
And he shall be fisher of men
And he shall be Peter
In fulfillment of New Jerusalem
And he shall be Peter
And he shall bind and loose heav'n
He shall be Simon.

Simon sees the Lord standing near land
He dives in and swims to the King
Jesus asks thrice, "Do you love Me?"
Three times, "I do Lord; You know everything."

And Jesus, He breathes Scanti Spiritus
Blessing Peter for all time
Stretch out your arms and go walking
Glory! Simon Peter head down dies.