Saturday, December 17, 2011

Refactoring Elton John: Jesus Saved My Life Tonight

What if Elton John was a practicing Christian? We'll never know, but his songs may have been different! For fun, I took the lyrics to his popular song Someone Saved My Life Tonight and rewrote it dedicated to Christ. I don't know if it is any "good" but it was certainly entertaining to write.

Dedicated to my loving wife.
When I think of those Eastern lights, Thursday night
The curtains drawn in the supper room upstairs
Twelve Disciples, Lord, You freely chose to be there
Sitting as the King off'ring Himself under form of Bread
And it's one more kiss and I won't see You anymore
We've all abandoned Him lately
His friends out there running from Sandhedrin guards

And Jesus saved my life tonight Son of God
Sin almost had its hooks in me, a facade
I nearly had lost hope and died
Hades-bound, scandalized
Sweet freedom hanging on a tree
You were crucified
And crucified for all mankind
Die away, Good Friday, bye bye.

I never realised the suff'ring pow'r His garden hours
Drops of sweat and blood from His forehead cling
He's mangaled for a grand political scene
Just a pawn played-out by a dominating king
It's three o'clock; women are mourning
Slain Lamb listen to Him pray
He's praying for His foes alright
Saved in time, thank God my soul is now alive

And He would have walked alone to the mountain of Calvary
Clinging to His cross and thorns
Paying our sin wage demands forever
They're coming in the evening with ointment to take Him down
Jesus saved my life tonight, Jesus saved my life tonight
Jesus saved my life tonight, Jesus saved my life tonight
Jesus saved my life tonight
So save your strength and run the race you run with joy.