Tuesday, April 26, 2011

These things I have written to you

Why do I write about Christ? I shall answer this by embracing these fine words of my favorite Christian philosopher:
These things I have written to you … for the present in few words, and perhaps with more obscurity than was befitting, in accordance with the necessity of circumstances and the time, with which you ought to be content, since you are about to receive more and better things if God shall favor us…. Perhaps you may wonder that I venture to undertake so great a deed…. But if life is to be wished for by a wise man, assuredly I should wish to live for no other reason than that I may effect something which may be worthy of life, and which may be useful to my readers, if not for eloquence, because there is in me but a slight stream of eloquence, at any rate for living, which is especially needful. And when I have accomplished this, I shall think that I have lived enough, and that I have discharged the duty of a man, if my labor shall have freed some men from errors, and have directed them to the path which leads to heaven.
Lactantius (c. 300 AD)
On the Workmanship of God 20 § 1-2

Perhaps, one day in the future, I too can say to have written something useful that helped a soul or two... or three... or more.